Service System Design and Automation in the Hospitality Sector

  • Thomas Maier USF
  • Ken Edwards CEO-TriStar Hotel group
Keywords: Service system design, automation, augmented reality, articial intelligence, hotel operations, service robots


Service system design and customer experience mapping are useful tools capable of improving focus on guest satisfaction and service processes. This integrative-narrative literature review paper (INRP) investigated the technological automations (robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality) in the hospitality sector for the purpose of gaining the attention of operations managers, hotel chains and academics alike. The INRP investigated how service system design and blueprinting can be utilized to roadmap technology innovations in hotel and restaurant customer experiences. The research is intended to guide hospitality practitioners into new lines of inquiry and facilitating the direction of academic research by determining what needs to be done to narrow the gap among practitioners and academics with respect to how implementation in of technological advancements in the hospitality sector can best be approached. A guided framework of key decision points in technological adoption is presented.

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