Pilgrims as tourists or tourists as pilgrims: The case of Anatolia

  • Resit Ergener Nisantasi University
  • Irfan Arikan Krems
Keywords: Religious Tourism, Pilgrimage, Pilgrims, Faith Tours, Anatolia


Any travel that is motivated by religion or has sacred sites amongst its destinations is religious tourism, or a faith tour. Pilgrimages to ancient sacred sites are considered by many authors as the beginning of the tourism phenomenon. Pilgrimage can be described as a form of travel that is motivated by religion, spirituality or personal issues. Pilgrimage makes up an essential part of today’s tourism market. It is also one of the oldest forms of it. Faith tours can be regarded as modern pilgrimages which visit such sacred sites. The Largest number of faith tours to Turkey (conducted mostly in Anatolia) is organized by Christian groups. This paper investigates the similarities and differences between pilgrims (as tourists) and tourists (as pilgrims) and compares the modern faith tours conducted in Anatolia today with the Medieval Christian pilgrimages undertaken in Anatolia in the past. The research methodology consists of a literature review and the review of

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