Eight Ideas for Reducing Visitor Harassment in Markets for Exploration

  • Annmarie Nicely Purdue University
Keywords: Markets, Visitor harrasment, tourist harrasment, environmental factors


The goal of the article was to introduce to the discourse on visitor harassment (VH) eight ways VH may be kept low in markets at destinations. Eight broad ways were highlighted. Four of the ways include by ensuring: 1] temperature and humidity levels are comfortable, smelliness level low and cleanliness level high; 2] visitors are aware of the cost of products and services before they enter vendors’ stalls and if the prices advertised remained consistent throughout the sale transaction; 3] there is a dominance of locally made items and if the items  are of good quality; and 4] the vendor displays are diverse and each vendor specializes in particular types and level of products. It was then recommended that the veracity of the above be examined in future research.

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