Determinants of industry identity: an empirical examination of entertainment tourism

  • IokTeng Esther KOU City University of Macau
  • Jian Ming Luo City University of Macau
Keywords: casino, Macau, entertainment tourism, sustainability, identity


Contemporary casinos operate in the form of integrated resorts with a mix of gambling and non-gaming elements, contributing to the development of entertainment tourism. With the diversification in customer portfolio and society preference with better image association, this new form of tourism begins to draw attention in casino destinations.  However, little is known if suppliers are devoted to the new identity, hence this paper sought to address industry identity of entertainment tourism through a qualitative study of Macau- renowned gaming capital in the world. Management of 15 entertainment tourism suppliers were invited for in-depth interview. The findings suggest that perception of industry boundaries from suppliers is crucial for sustainable growth, and industry identity of entertainment tourism is affected by government policy, marketing, culture, resources, financial concern and future orientation. This paper contributed to existing identity theory literature with the discussion of essential determinants for gaming and entertainment tourism, offering theoretical and managerial implication for destination developers and policy makers who aim at sustainable growth and industry development through building strong industry identity.

Author Biography

Jian Ming Luo, City University of Macau

Jian Ming, Luo is an Associate Professor at City University of Macau. He is Ph.D Supervisor for Faculty of International Tourism and Management. His research areas include economic/social/environmental/cultural impact of tourism, consumer behavior and tourism entertainment, etc.



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