How Do Residents Perceive Tourism Development? A Small Community Perspective

  • Medet Yolal Anadolu University
  • Figen Sevinc Bartın University
  • Dogan Gursoy
Keywords: Tourism development, tourism impacts, resident attitudes, small community


This study examines residents' attitudes and behaviors toward possible tourism development in a small community. Data were collected through semi-structured in-depth interviews with 20 residents living in a small community, namely Kapısuyu Village in Turkey. Findings suggest that trust in authorities, involvement and the current state of the local economy are important determinants of locals' perceptions of tourism impacts. Although residents have some reservations on negative impacts of tourism development, community members favor tourism development in their small community due to positive benefits it is expected to generate. Findings also indicate that while residents favor tourism development, they want a tourism development that is sustainable and small. Both theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed and conclusions are drawn on the basis of study findings.

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