Role of policymakers and operators towards tourism revival in the era of COVID-19 in Nepal

  • ANUP K C Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, Clemson University
Keywords: COVID-19, policy and actions, domestic tourism, infrastructures, health and hygiene, Nepal


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) had adversely affected different sectors, including, tourism in 2020. It had compelled tourism stakeholders to follow additional health, hygiene, and safety measures. But, tourism is one of the crucial sectors to develop the least developed countries, like Nepal. It was prioritized by the government to generate money and enhance the local livelihood more sustainably. With an objective to assess the steps taken by tourism stakeholders (policymakers and operators) during COVID-19 in Nepal, this study was focused on the national level with examples taken from the local level. A review of online news articles and collection of secondary data from different governmental agencies of Nepal was done for data collection. More than 219 online articles were reviewed, and the published information was also cross-checked with the government's press release. Policymakers and tourism operators have applied different strategies to recover tourism in Nepal. But COVID-19 had adversely affected their business despite these policy measures and actions. To revive the tourism industry, infrastructural development, promotion of domestic tourism, and health, hygiene, and safety measures were prioritized.

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