Retail Hospitality in the city of São Paulo

  • Auhana Margutti Anhembi Morumbi University
  • Carlos Alves Anhembi Morumbi University/ São Paulo/ São Paulo / Brazil
  • Roseane Marques Anhembi Morumbi University/ São Paulo/ São Paulo / Brazil
  • Simone Barakat
Keywords: Hospitality, Retail, Hospitableness, Servicescape


The customer is part of the provision of services in hotels, bars and restaurants. Technological advancement, changes in buying and consumption behavior, and changes in people’s lifestyles have created a distance in social relations. The discussion about the hospitable characteristics employed in spaces for service provision tends to (re)construct social ties between host-client in hospitality commercial activities. The general objective of this study was to investigate the hospitableness and servicescape present in the act of host-client social interaction promoted within Retail in three types of establishments: food services, lodging facilities and stores in São Paulo. The intention was to propose that Hospitality is present in the retail environment as a competitive differential. A quantitative approach was used to conduct the study, through a survey among Retail clients, to identify how the hosts prepare to “welcome” their customers and how clients see the way they were received.

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